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Ed (Mahbub) Husain’s “The Islamist”

Posted by theislamist on May 14, 2007

I’ve just finished reading today’s CiF debate on a new book called “The Islamist”. The book is written by Ed (Mahbub) Husain – the writer’s real name is Mahbub, but he has somewhat strangely adopted the pen name “Ed”. The article on CiF is written by HT’s media savvy ‘media representative’ Taji Mustafa.

Mahbub and I both attended HT activities in London back in the early 1990s. I’ve started reading his book and plan to write a more detailed piece on my thoughts about the book later this week. From what I’ve read so far though, Mahbub is arguing for a ban on HT as he argues that they are in some way responsible for 7/7, etc. – I can’t say I’m that convinced but let me finish reading…


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