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If he funded terrorism, why has Hassan Butt not been arrested?

Posted by theislamist on May 23, 2007

Some of you may have come across this article in the News of the World earlier this week that details the claims of Hassan Butt, an “Al-Qaeda supergrass”.

Butt claims that “thousands of young Muslims are preparing to unleash fresh terror atrocities on Britain’s streets.” He says that, “Saying thousands of British Muslims support terrorism is no over-estimation. I know because I used to raise money from them. Doctors, teachers and businessmen would all chip in—and they knew it was going towards terrorism.”

Talking about his time in Pakistan he says, “It may sound sick to outsiders but I genuinely believed I was fighting a war. That’s why I was photographed with a loudhailer calling for Muslims to attack the British and Americans when I was in Pakistan.”

The article states that Butt bought guns to be shipped to fighters inside Afghanistan, met the ringleader of the 7/7 London suicide bombings, Muhammed Siddique Khan, met the New York born Junaid Babar, who later became star witness against the fertiliser bombers who plotted to kill hundreds of clubbers at London’s Ministry of Sound and thousands of shoppers at the Bluewater complex in Kent.

Now, Butt has allegedly had a change of heart: “But someone’s got to make a stand. What I’ve come to realise is that killing in the name of Islam for the sake of killing is completely prohibited. It’s a very dangerous cancer in the Muslim world and it needs to be dealt with.”

In an article in The Times a couple of weeks back, Butt openly admits to recruiting people for terrorism and collecting money for terrorist purposes.

Back in 2002, Butt told the BBC that he had recruited 200 British volunteers to fight for the Taliban and that he would now personally encourage attacks on political and military targets in the UK. At that time Muslim groups described him as a “fantasist”. At the time a Metropolitan Police spokesman said the Met was working with the Crown Prosecution Service to examine the comments on the radio, to establish if any offences had been committed.

After reading all of this, I question why Butt has not been arrested. By his own admission he sent arms to the Taliban, he organised training for 200 British Muslims to fight in the Jihad, he collected monies for terrorism, he incited others to terrorism, he encouraged attacks on political and military targets in the UK and he associated with the 7/7 bombers

Just because he has had a sudden change of heart and is now writing a “kiss and tell” book, surely this does not exonerate him before the law. If Harold Shipman had said when he was found out that he had regretted his previous actions, would he have got off scott free and been able to sell his stories to newspapers and publishers?

The fact that Butt’s proclamations, fantasies or not, would appear to be consistently overlooked by the security services or the police suggests either a) we’ve got a level of incompetence that would be unusual even for the security services or b) possibly, and this is a possibility, that this man Butt may have been working for the security service.

There are many reports in the news media of people who were close to Butt having their houses raided and being arrested. While Butt claims in these articles to now be living undercover and to have been stabbed, assaulted and threatened, a few informal enquiries in the local Muslim community in Manchester suggest that he is living his life quite normally.

I believe that the true purpose of Butt’s new found conversion is to instil fear in the masses so that they believe that there are tens of thousands of Muslims who are willing to become suicide bombers on the streets of Britain. This will strengthen the government’s global war on terror and allow it to continue to erode liberties through ever more draconian laws.

Interestingly, Sir Richard Mottram, Permanent Secretary at the Cabinet Office, admitted last week, in comments that were not well publicised, that terrorism was not the biggest threat to Britain. He argued that climate change was a bigger long term risk.


3 Responses to “If he funded terrorism, why has Hassan Butt not been arrested?”

  1. abulhuda said

    there is a third reason why his claims are possibly being overlooked, apart from the incompetency of the security services and him being an agent. and that is he is a plain liar who seeks attention. he’s just another lost person, talking like an authority, with no authority. may God guide him.

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